Monday, October 23, 2006

Comments by Jim Cramer at NCEE dinner

One of the funniest, and most thought provoking moments of the NCEE evening came when Jim Cramer gave his 2 minute remarks upon receiving the NCEE Visionary award. He said, "there is real trouble in our country today because big stars, athletes, and celebrities of all types don't want to talk about the money they have made." "No one wants to talk about the money", he said. (This reminded me of the speech I gave at the National Press Club inWashington on March 3rd, 2005 at the NCEE annual summit. I said that no one wants to talk about the money because of Americans Puritan roots--people just don't like to talk about money, and how much they have.) Cramer went on to say that he spent one evening last week with his high school daughter dissecting a sting ray at school. He said "dissecting a sting ray-now what's that? Did she learn what a stock or bond is? No. She'll have more of a connection to that guy Steve on Discovery Channel than she will to me". Of course, Cramer is absolutely right-we are leaving kids absolutely rudderless in a capitalist system without any tools to navigate.


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